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Lukas Achermann

When Lukas contacted us via e-mail in the beginning of 2020, we were more than suprised about his climbing successes that he had already achieved at his young age. But it's hardly surprising: The native-born Swiss from St. Gallen can be found in the climbing gym or on rock 6-7 x per week. And when he's not climbing? Well, then he exercises in order to get better at climbing. It didn't take too long before it was clear to us: Such a motivated athlete just needs to join the AUSTRIALPIN team! And so it happened that Lukas has been an AUSTRIALPIN athlete since fall 2020. We are definitely happy about new team member from Switzerland! :)

Lukas Achermann

My discipline(s): Sports climbing and alpine climbing

Rock/Ice/Flight Highlights: 


Skyline 8b Bürs/Austria

Prinzalber 8b Bürs/Austria

Have Fun 8a+ Bürs/Austria

Finderlohn 8a+ Rottachberg/Germany

Lucys Fortschritte 8a+ Voralpsee/Switzerland

Montserrat 8a+ Rodellar/Spain

El fustigador 8a+ Margalef/Spain


Family is: Important, because I can go rock climbing with them and they always support me with nearly everything.

My profession: Unfortunately, I don't have a profession yet, as I am still a student.

My vocation: Teaching Maths and at the same time still being a strong climber.

Favorite season & why: Fall, because the trees look so beautiful and the grip is awesome.

I really appreciate your support! Thanks a lot!

The terrain where I feel most at home: Steep routes with many holes, but I am also okay with crimps. Steep - that's the main thing.

The terrain which challenges me the most: Multi-pitch routes with vertical and slabby rock where you have to fully trust in your feet. In addition, also maximally difficult single moves are challenging. 

Favorite place(s): Margalef, Rodellar, Bürs, Rottachber and Äscher

What motivates me: Having the weekend insight and therefore training hard during the week to climb strongly at the weekend.

What a training week looks like: I train 6-7 times per week, 3 trainings consist of rope climbing and 3 consist of training my upper body strength. The rest is strength training in my school's gym.

Future plans: (long-term goals) Always further up to Switzerland's top.


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