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Show the value of your product with the COBRA® hangtag

You create awesome, high-quality products for your customers with sophisticated details. We can now help you to show the customer that you rely on authentic COBRA® buckles for you product with a unique hangtag. 

In an overcrowded market the COBRA® hangtag offers customers more good reasons to buy your product and shows that you only rely on the buckles with the highest quality for your customers safety. 

Order the hangtag now to leverage the point of sale value and to give customers an unmistakable assurance of the authenticity and high-quality of the COBRA® buckles. 



Unit: 1.000 pcs.

COBRA® - delivers what it promises!

The benefits of a COBRA® product for your clients

Quality meets passion

Worldwide COBRA® buckles stand for unmatched and consistent quality. We here at AUSTRIALPIN are metal worker with a passion for unique craftmanship, sophisticated desigh and meticulous precision. To make sure every buckle meets the highest safety and quality standards we implemented a multistage quality control in our production process: From incoming inspection of the raw materials, function control and breaking load tests in every production stage to automated optical scanning machines, final testings and an outgoing goods inspection – we are doing everything to make COBRA® the safest buckles worldwide.

Quality meets passion

Investing in R&D

COBRA® stands for innovation: Through constant investments into Research & Development we are able to raise the bar a little higher and to make the buckles even safer and more user-friendly. By expanding the COBRA® range further we are able to offer solutions that are tailored to the requirements of specific applications.

By adjusting every production process to the specific requirements of a buckle, like the in-house development of the new coating method HPC (High Performance Coating), we achieve results that are unheard-of in this category and create a truly unique buckle.

Investing in R&D

Inspections, checks and tests

From the idea to the finished product – we take our time to make sure every buckle meets our criterias in terms of quality and reliability. The buckles undergo continuous controls in our in-house test lab during the production process and are tested by experts under the toughest conditions. One more reason why customers worldwide trust the buckles made in Austria.

Inspections, checks and tests

Own production in Austria

We only manufacture where we have the full control over the production processes: at our own production site in the Stubaital valley, Austria. Our own production site in front of our doorstep enables us to be flexible in the production process while always ensuring the same standards for our buckles. Moreover we secure jobs in our homeland, use renewable energy for the manufacturing process and by transfering the strict austrian environment standards we make sure that the production is as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Own production in Austria

Rely on the authentic COBRA® buckles by AUSTRIALPIN 

with the patented locking mechanism.

Because quality is no accident.