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Quality „Made in Austria“

We begin in the present. AUSTRIALPIN has turned into an established company that can be proud of its origins and that made significant progress over the last 25 years. The headquarters are in Fulpmes, Austria, which is located in the Stubai Valley between the local mountains called Serles and Elfer and a mountain chain called Kalkkoegel. Our specialty are innovative PPE products for people who are dependent on highest quality and safety standards.

AUSTRIALPIN and its manufacturing facilities in Fulpmes are currently engaging about 100 staff members who are bringing priceless expertise and passion into the company. We focus on important product developments, from the idea to implementation and we take us enough time to make it right. We only present well-engineered products that are rigorously tested inhouse and under real conditions prior to obtaining additional testing from independent laboratories. We rely on healthy growth and concentrate on our core competence: metal processing. This craft is firmly established in Tirol and we plan to keep it that way. At our location we produce with highest industry standards, secure jobs, avoid long delivery channels, support sustainability and are fans of Austrian environment standards. For our products we guarantee: Made in Tirol/Austria.

We offer innovative, high-quality mountain sports and safety equipment made of metal, which we develop and also manufacture ourselves from the raw material to the final product with our decades of metalworking experience and expertise. We do all this at one location in our home in the midst of the mountains of Tyrol. In this way, we take responsibility for safety in mountain and air sports as well as in professions with a risk of falling.

AUSTRIALPIN mission statement

This holds true for our products:



Our social and ecological responsibility & how we benefit from that
+ we secure jobs+ with flexibility in production 
+ avoid long delivery channels+ high quality standards
+ transfer Austrias strict environment standards    + a good conscience


This holds true for our products:

Going back in time means to look back at local tradition: the mountains of Tirol are a rough place with a long winters and it used to be hard to make a living. That is one of the reasons why this area became well known for metal processing. The first forge in Fulpmes was officially listed in the 15th century. Since the 17th century the reputation of excellent metal products was established and they already started exporting into other countries. In the year of 1897 the college for Metal and Iron processing was founded in Fulpmes and until today these crafts are taught in the Stubai Valley. 

Out of this tradition AUSTRIALPIN was founded in 1996, when several family owned craft businesses merged. Their goal was a company that is independent from external influence and can guarantee highest quality standards. About 98% of AUSTRIALPIN’s products are still produced in our manufacturing sites in Fulpmes.

We are proud of our manufacturing site in Tirol and our history but we are not leaning back either. We want to develop the brand further with innovation and ideas. Our success is the proof for us that we can grow even if we keep our production local. This gives us not only a good conscience but flexibility and we can also ensure our social responsibility. These values and our high quality standards are the reason why we were able to establish our brand on the international outdoor market.

Katrin Mark-Winkler, CEO


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