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Cathy Laflamme

Cathy was born in 1988 in Canada and moved to Innsbruck in 2012 for her PhD. Luckily, she will stay there for even a bit longer, as she found an exciting job there after having completed her PhD. She has been part of the AUSTRIALPIN family since 2014.

Cathy Laflamme

My discipline(s): Sport and alpine climbing
Mountain/Rock/Ice highlights: 
Best Routes: "Dreams of Verdon" (Ghost Valley, Canada) "Alix" (Verdon, France), "Les Rivières Pourpré" (Taghia, Morocco), Salbit West ridge (Switzerland), "Esperanza" (Bavella, Corsica)
Successes: Learning to speak German in Tirol (where the dialect is pretty strong!) 
Hardest ascents: 8b/8b+ 
Family is: Too far away! (Still in Canada...) 
My occupation: Research in quantum physics
My vocation: Combining my two passions: Climbing and Coffee drinking ;) 

What motivates me? Good coffee! ... and the people around me who find their own way and write their own story.  

My favorite season & why: Winter! Crisp, cold air, sun, snow and the feeling like we’re all in this together  
The terrain where I feel the most at home: Long days in good rock with a good friend
The terrain which challenges me the most: In the office, sitting in front of my computer  
Favorite place(s): Montreal for good food, drinks and life. Calgary for family. Innsbruck for easy mountain access and Shanghai to feel completely insignificant
What motivates me? Good coffee! ... and the people around me who find their own way and write their own story. 
What a training week looks like: Depending on the time of year, after-work sessions outdoors or in the gym
Future plans: Dream destinations: the Bugaboos, Baffin Island and many, many more... 
Anything else to get off your chest?   
I moved to Innsbruck in 2012 for work, for climbing and to experience life in a new country. At first, everything was new & exciting, then reality set in and it became hard & lonely. But since then I have met some really great people who made Innsbruck feel like ‘home’. Now, every time when I am driving home over the Brenner and I see the light from the Hafelekar for the first time, I smile :) 


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