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MAILLON RAPIDE quick link 8 mm (zinc plated, steel)

The company PEGUET MAILLON RAPIDE SAS calls upon the owners of MAILLON RAPIDE 8 mm standard galvanized steel EN 362 / EN 12275 Ref.MRNZ08.0 CE EN to check their products for visible cracks on the surface. The batch number concerned is A.19.04.


AUSTRIALPIN's Maillon Rapide screw chain links are not affected by the safety warning.

PEGUET RAPIDE SAS has been able to further narrow down the Maillon Rapide quick links affected by the safety warning through individual laser marking on the locking portion of the quick links within the batch number A.19.04. 

We have been informed by PEGUET RAPIDE SAS that AUSTRIALPIN has not received any MAILLON RAPIDE 8mm (RG08) from the ones affected by the safety warning.

Therefore, the Maillon Rapide screw chain links (Art.No.: RG08) supplied by AUSTRIALPIN and the other AUSTRIALPIN products in which they are installed do not need to undergo any additional safety inspection.


An unused quick link was found to have a visible crack on the surface. The manufacturer of this product is PEGUET MAILLON RAPIDE SAS and AUSTRIALPIN sells and installs it in its products. PEGUET is currently investigating this incident. In consideration of the safety of its customers and users, PEGUET immediately decided to publish a safety warning. A quick link with a crack must be withdrawn from circulation immediately and any type of use prevented.


According to PEGUET Maillon Rapide qucik links 8 mmEN 362 / EN 12275 Ref.MRNZ08.0 CE EN (zinc plated steel) of batch: A.19.04 are affected.


Check if they have a product with the affected batch number. If there is a possibility that you have already resold this product, inform your customers.

Check the entire product for visible cracks in the surface.


What should I do if I find a defective product?
The quick link must be immediately withdrawn from circulation and any further use prevented.  

Where can I find the batch number?
Products with batch number A.19.04 are affected. The batch number is engraved on the long side of the screw chain link.

Why does AUSTRIALPIN publish the safety call from PEGUET?
PEGUETis the manufacturer of the Maillon Rapide quick links. In this case, AUSTRIALPIN, like many other companies, is a distributor of PEGUET's products. The responsibility for the safety of the product lies with the manufacturer PEGUET itself. AUSTRIALPIN sells the quick links from PEGUET individually under the name Maillon Rapide quick link (Art.No.: RG08) and in a set of 10 (Art.No.: RG08.10). In addition, the quick links are also used in the AUSTRIALPIN MICRO Indoor Express Sets (Art.No.: QN11X-AA / QN20X-AA). For these products, we ourselves will take the necessary measures to inform our customers and prevent any possible use of the products.

What does PEGUET itself say about this incident?
PEGUET posted the safety alert on its website on 02/04/21. A PDF of the security alert can be downloaded here.

What is the technical background for this security alert?
The background of this incident is currently under review by PEGUET. Currently there is no information available from PEGUET. The responsibility for clarification lies with PEGUET.  

Are other products affected?
AUSTRIALPIN uses the Maillon Rapide 8mm quick link (zinc plated, steel) from PEGUET in the following products. These products should therefore also be checked according to the above procedure.

Maillon Rapide quick link
Maillon Rapide quick link
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Who can I contact with questions?
Please understand that we do not have any further information beyond the official safety warning from PEGUET so far. We therefore recommend contacting PEGUET directly if you have any further questions. However, we are of course also available to answer questions on how to proceed.

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