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What becoming a father has got to do with climbing:

New routes at the Unterer Spitzhüttenkopf in the Karwendel mountains – climbing pleasure guaranteed!

There is one thing Peter and Stephan from the AUSTRIALPIN team totally agree on: The overall package of their new climbing project “Zeugungsschmerz” (“procreation pain”) in the Hinterautal valley in the Karwendel mountains is just perfect! Recently, Peter and Stephan were able to finish off their bolting project that they had started with in spring 2020 as the first climbing activity after the Corona lockdown – and what shall we say? We are so stoked! In this blog the two work colleagues and climbing buddies talk about their baby and why procreation pain definitely is fun…at least in this case. :)

What becoming a father has got to do with climbing:

“I first saw the wall when I did the first ascent of ‘Prime Time’ in the Repswand. There were lines on the left and on the right, but the central area was still untouched”. Peter, product manager at AUSTRIALPIN definitely never gets tired of bolting new routes and manages to always work his magic on rock. This time he had support: AUSTRIALPIN marketing manager Stephan joined him and together they realized their project Zeugungsschmerz" in the Karwendel mountains, which promises absolute climbing pleasure. “It was the first time for me that I took part in a bolting project. The rock quality, the weather, the atmosphere, the panorama was/is just unbelievable and it really was incredibly fun.”

The approach starts at the parking space Schraffelbrücke in Scharnitz with a bike ride to the Hinterautal valley for the first 30 minutes and approximately 10km. Right underneath the slabs it takes another 15 minutes by foot to get to the entry points. Absolutely beautiful routes are waiting there and they are definitely also perfectly suitable for beginners who want to try their first multi-pitch routes. “Zeugungsschmerz” (“procreation pain”), “Schwere Geburt” (“difficult birth”), “X-Chromosom” and „Y-Chromosom“ are the names of the four new routes, the reason for the name choice is easy to explain: “The reason is that I just became a father for the second time, however, ‘Schwere Geburt’ (‘difficult birth’) got its name because we needed so many attempts for our second bolting/climbing day with this route. Something always happened that kept us from finishing this route.”

In any case, these routes guarantee finest rock quality with beautiful water grooves and an unbelievable view on top! Also Peter and Stephan are stoked. “For me, it’s not only about the difficulty level of the tour, but also (and that’s probably even more important) about its beauty and the overall package (good approach, nice rock quality, beautiful atmosphere etc.) – all this is the case here”, says Peter.

“The overall package is just perfect!” – Yep, we agree! If you know acquired a taste for trying this climbing pleasure in the Karwendel mountains yourself, go check out all the information and the topo here: https://www.bergsteigen.com/touren/klettern/zeugungsschmerz-im-verbrennten/
By the way: Peter and Stephan are always happy about feedback of repeaters! :)


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