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Ready for bouldering?

The AUSTRIALPIN must-haves for your next boulder adventure!

Unsurpringly, bouldering is becoming increasingly popular: Coordination, strength, strategy and a full-body training – this sport just combines everything. And it doesn't matter whether you're in the climbing gym or outside: Bouldering is super fun! We will show you which AUSTRIALPIN items you need to be perfectly equipped for your next boulder challenge!

Ready for bouldering?


Chalk is definitely an important part of a climber's standard repertoire and also shouldn't be missed when bouldering. Concerning this topic, preferences differ widely: Loose chalk, liquid chalk or rather compact in form of a chalkball? One way or another: Chalk dries the skin, hardens it, increases friction – and gives you grip. Perfect! And let's be honest: Somehow, having this white powder on your hands has a soothing effect. Right? ;) 


Okay, this wasn't really difficult to guess. If you have chalk (at least loose chalk or chalk balls), you also need a suitable bag to put your hands in there to dry them. However, a chalk bag is much more than just a possibility to store your chalk. Depending on design and colour, you will set a statement with it. Have you already discovered our PAPNU chalk bags? They are not only super light, made of tear-proof special paper, vegan and machine washable at 40°C, but also made in Austria! Apart from the cool designs of course. ;)



Yes, also cleaning is an essential part of bouldering to get a better friction at the important holds and steps. With our small and big wooden brushes with natural hair bristles you are ready for every kind of dirt. Well then: Take your brushes! Ready, set, go!


Important note: Use tape responsibly! Please, no finger mummies, we are no boxers. ;) Tape is primarily used to protect and support injured or overstrained fingers. Thereby, tape can either be used prophylactically or when an injury has unfortunately already occured. One way or another: We believe that tape is standard bouldering equipment which you should always have in your bag! 


Do we even need to say more? AUSTRIALPIN might not sell coffee, but let's be honest: What could be more satisfying than the scent of freshly brewed coffee after a challenging boulder session? Right – nothing!

(Photo Credits: Peter Manhartsberger)


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