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Roland "Roli" Striemitzer

Roli, born in 1987, is an alpinist first and foremost. He is attracted by high mountains and complex challenges.

Roland "Roli" Striemitzer

AUSTRIALPIN athlete since: Spring 2017
My discipline(s): Mountain climbing, ice climbing, alpine climbing 
Family is: Important!
My occupation: Mountain guide
My vocation: Mountain guide ;-)
My favorite season & why: Every season; there’s always something to do. 
The terrain where I feel the most at home: Mixed routes, not too easy, not too difficult.
The terrain which challenges me the most: Alpine rock routes, where I am climbing at my climbing limit.
Favorite place(s): Karwendel, Schüsselkar and Patagonia
What motivates me? The desire to see new places and areas.
What a training week looks like: Mostly decided spontaneously, depending on conditions! On average I do something 6x per week. 
Future plans: Hm, hard question. There is still so much to see and to climb. But next year I will definitely focus on the Himalaya!  

What motivates me? The desire to see new places and areas.

Mountain/Rock/Ice Highlights: 


Peru - Artesonraju, Tocllaraju, Cayesh, Churup
Patagonia - Cerro Torre - Ragni, Torre Standhart - Exocet, Torre Egger - Psycho Vertical, Fitz Roy - Supercanaleta, Saint Exupery - Chiaro di Luna
Alaska - Denali- Cassin Ridge
Greenland - First ascent Northern Comfort 500 Meter 7a+
India - Attempt a new line up the Kedarnath 6940m South face

Ice climbing:

Canada - Real Big Drip, Polar Circus, Weaping Wall and many more ... 
Dolomites - Crazy Diamond, Zauberflöte, Ghost Dog, …
Austria - Merlin, Krönung, Magier, Kerze, Hängende Gärten, Moonwalk, Supervisor, …

North Faces:

3x Grandes Jorasses - Walkerpfeiler, Colton mac Intyre, Croz Pfeiler
2x Eiger North face - Heckmair, once as a guide 
Matterhorn North Face Solo
Droites - Tschechen Gully, Lagarde

Winter ascents

Sagwand - Mittelpfeiler, Obernberger Tribulaun - Viel Vergnügen, Grosse Zinne - Comici, Laliderer - Herzogkante


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