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Cathinka Tilborghs

Cathinka, who is also fondly called "Killer Cath" by us, might be one of the youngest team members with her birth year 2000, however, this lady has got nothing to hide when it comes to her passion, climbing. No matter if in the gym or on rock: The native-born Belgian with her ambition and her never-ending motivation spends every free minute in her climbing shoes –preferably in her second home Tirol together with her friends.

Cathinka Tilborghs

My discipline(s): Sports climbing and bouldering

Rock/Ice/Flight Highlights:



8a KILLER CATH 2nd go (FFA)

8a BLACK DOLFIN 2nd go (Lead)

7c LE TRE FAGLIE flash (FFA) (Lead)

7b Behemoth (Boulder/ Traverse)


Flemish Champion 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2019

Belgian Champion 2013, 2014 and 2015

17th European Youth Championship Boulder 2014

15th European Youth Cup 2018


Family is: Important

My vocation: Climbing, taking pictures and enjoying nature

Favorite season & why: Spring, because of the good weather and the perfect temperature for me to climb outside

I have a route which is named after me, "Killer Cath" (8a) in Oltre Finale, Italy. ;)

The terrain where I feel the most at home: Crimps and big overhangs or roofs make me always excited

The terrain which challenges me the most: Slabs, slopes and dynamic moves

Favorite place(s): Berdorf, Oltre Finale, Fontainebleau, France, Spain, Austria,...

What motivates me: Climbing hard routes which look impossible first, but where you can see progress after some time. And finally, you can reach the top – of course always with the right people around me.

What a training week looks like: It depends on for what kind of competition or goal I train. Normally 1x a week boulder training and 3x a week lead training (projects, endurance, powertraining, dead hang,...), when I train for a lead goal. When I train for a boulder goal, I do boulder trainings 3-4x a week and eventually lead training 1x a week. But for both training goals I do stretching 2-3x a week, too.

Future plans: Trying hard, climbing a lot ouside and having a lot of fun!


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