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Burak Can Öztas

His mountaineering journey began in 1995 when his father took him to the Idadik Mountaineering Club in Izmir. Through daily hikes and camping, Burak developed an early interest in mountaineering and later completed training courses. In the years that followed, he reached important peaks that strengthened his commitment to the sport. After completing his training in the Mountaineering Association in 2005, he became a coach and started coaching at Izmir University of Economics. His outstanding experiences include climbing the Pamir Mountains with his father in 2018 and exploring mountains in Iran, Georgia and Turkey. Burak joined the AUSTRIALPIN team in 2021 and in the same year reached major summits, including Ushba Mountain in the Georgian Caucasus. Today, he continues to work as a mountain guide and coach, both in official associations and privately.

Burak Can Öztas

My discipline(s): Alpinism, multi-pitch, ice climbing, mountaineering

Highlights on rock/ice: multi-pitch 6b+ / WI 5+

For me, family means: Anywhere I can climb

My profession: Trainer for mountaineering, sport climbing and mountain guide

My vocation: Trainer

Favorite season & why: Depends on the style, both.

The terrain where I feel most comfortable: Any place in nature

The terrain that challenges me the most: Anywhere where there is no nature

Favorite places: Aladağlar, Niğde Turkey, Caucasus, Patagonia

What drives me: Discovering new climbing areas and different mountains

What a training week looks like: Mountain running, climbing in the gym and cycling

Future plans: Staying in climbing, exploring every corner of the world


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