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Benedikt "Benni" Purner

Benedikt is a true allrounder: As an ice climber, he’s been one of the best for a long time now. The same goes for downhill mountain biking. Also, over the years, doing long winter traverses has become his passion. In winter 2015 he completed the first solo traverse of the Gleirsch-Halltalkette in Karwendel. This traverse took three long, taxing days and ended in the realization of his long-time dream. Born in 1982 in Innsbruck, the Tyrolean has been part of the AUSTRIALPIN team since 2008.

Benedikt "Benni" Purner

My discipline(s): Sport climbing, Bouldering, ice climbing, alpine tours, biking
Mountain/Rock/Ice highlights: Long solo crossings in winter, hard mixed-routes
Family is: Ease.
My occupation: Mountain guide and mountainbike trail builder
My vocation: Trail builder 
My favorite season & why: Any season!
The terrain where I feel the most at home: Combined terrain, ideally on the ridge
The terrain which challenges me the most: Big cities 
Favorite place(s): Norway and Sweden
What motivates me: Seeing and exploring new places
What a training week looks like: Trying again and again to get myself motivated in between working days
Future plans: Open for anything

Das Gelände, in dem ich mich am wohlsten fühle: Kombiniert, am besten am Grat
Das Gelände, das mich am meisten fordert: Großstadt
Lieblingsort(e): Norwegen, Schweden
Was treibt mich an: Neues sehen und entdecken.
So sieht meine Trainingswoche aus: Es ist der ständige, oft erfolgreiche Versuch, mich zwischen den Arbeitstagen für irgendwas zu motivieren!
Wohin darf die Reise gehen: Bin für alles offen.


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