Light as paper – strong as a rock!

A chalk bag made of paper? Paper that's tear- and water-proof, withstands even 40°C in the washing machine and on top of that also looks nice? Yep! You understood right! With our PAPNU we present a chalk bag that perfectly matches function and design. These stylish chalk bags are made of tear-proof special paper, weigh in at a only 56g (without waist belt) and are super resistant. Also, they are 100% vegan, made in Austria and all raw materials for this quality product come from the EU. Sounds nice? We agree!

Lovely – inside and outside!

Neoprene. What most people only know from scuba diving was now used by us for the inside of our PAPNU PERFORMANCE. Neoprene is so wonderfully "close-meshed" that no chalk can get into the space between the interior and exterior bag. In addition, the material is resistant against bacteria, germs and fungi, its production is environmentally friendly and it has good adhesive properties. This way the chalk is distributed well within the chalk bag and coats your fingers cleanly. 


For the lightgear junkies among you

If you thought that the 54g of the PAPNU PERFORMANCE are already the end of the story, you have to be very strong now: It gets even lighter! The PAPNU HELI.UM is not only totally hip, but also the absolute fly weight among the chalk bags with only 13,7 grams (or 20 grams including the supplied waist belt). Simply unbeatable!

A lot of quality – little weight

Very often less is more – except when it comes to quality! This is also true for the PAPNU HELI.UM: It’s made in Austria from tear-proof special paper, 100% vegan and machine washable at 40°C. All raw materials for this chalk bag come from the EU. Cool, right?

Who is producing them and where?

Through a lucky coincidence we came together: AUSTRIALPIN and ‘mapbagrag’, two companies that share similar values and the goal of sustainable production. Mapbagrag, based in the Styrian city of Graz,  specializes in the development and production of products made with a special type of paper, and have become experts in handling and working with this paper. Working together with their creative team, we quickly realised the potential between us and we have many ideas still brewing. With the PAPNU Chalkbag we brought our first collaboration to life, a chalkbag that is both light and durable, and available in four different designs. Stylefactor is 100% and it carries the label ‘Made in Austria’ for good reason.


Produced in Austria with raw materials from the EU, it embodies our values and standards. The helping hands, who prepare the packaging and the interior/exterior are from the non-profit ‘Jugend am Werk’. Without their contribution the magbags and PAPNUs wouldn’t be what they are today! 


PAPNU Chalkbags - the designs at a glance

PAPNU chalk bag


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