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HMS RONDO Slide-Autolock

The world's fastest autolock carabiner

What happens when you take an established and tested carabiner shape like the HMS RONDO and add the new, revolutionary Slide Autolock technology? Damn right, you get a carabiner that can proudly call itself the "world's fastest autolock". In addition to its speed, the Slide Autolock distinguishes itself through an extremely easy handling and essential safety features. This combination makes the HMS RONDO Slide Autolock one of the most versatile carabiners on the market. No matter if used for climbing, industrial use, rescue services or special forces – its quickness and its unique features make it the perfect carabiner in almost any field of use. 


Fast opening

Inconvenient screwing or turning of the gate are a thing of the past now!

Open carabiner by pressing embedded brass slider. 

The gate automatically locks when releasing the slider. 

Intuitive handling

Allows one-handed handling – with your thumb or index finger.

The carabiner is suitable for both right- and left-handers.

Orientation of the carabiner is irrelevant when opening.

Tangible safety

Through the embedded positioning of the slider, unintended opening of the gate is not possible. 

Opening not possible when there is pressure on the gate.

An unwanted opening due to vibration is not possible.


The name says a lot about the scope of application already: The HMS RONDO is a so called "HMS" carabiner.

The special shape of a "HMS" carabiner offers many advantages, for example: 

  • A wide gate opening makes rope handling very easy.
  • It offers a lot of space for knots of any type.

These advantages makes the carabiner the perfect choice for applications particularly with regard to:

The design of the HMS RONDO prevents the build up of sharp edges due to rope friction. Moreover, the round profile allows for fluid rope managment and an easy switching of the HMS knot.

The HMS design in combination with the innovative Slide Autolock gate maks this carabiner an unbelievalbly versatile. No matter if for climbing, rope rescue or industrial climbing – the fast and intuitive locking mechanism, the easy handling and tamper-proof construction make this carabiner a must-have for any rope application.

Watch the video and see yourself!


The HMS RONDO Slide Autolock is available in the colors green-azure, purple-black and all-black. In contrast to the green and purple carabiner, the all-black version is hard-coated.  Thanks to its double strength and higher base-hardness, this coating offers higher robustness and therefore a much longer lifetime of the carabiner and rope, which makes it perfect for frequent use. In addition, the all-black version comes with a uniqe identification number [ID], which makes traceability for qualified inspections easier.  

The HMS RONDO Slide Autolock with SELFIE twist protection, which keeps the carabiner in place on the belay loop, makes the HMS RONDO the ideal carabiner for the use on a harness. It is available in the colors green-azure and all-black. Again the all-black version is hard-coated for a longer lifetime of the carabiner and rope.

In line with our philosophy, the HMS RONDO Slide-Autolock is 100% made at our production site in Austria.


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