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High Performance Coating (HPC)

HPC – the innovative coating of AUSTRIALPIN

No matter if in the sports or in the safety sector – colors play an essential role when it comes to products and components. Yet, colors should offer much more than just a fancy look: They are also an important factor for a product’s safety, because a high-quality coating protects against chemical and mechanical influences such as corrosion and abrasion.

The demand: unrivaled high quality

The daily use under difficult conditions leaves its marks on a product’s surface. A fact that you can accept – but don’t have to. It is our goal to produce the safest and at the same time the most exclusive products mankind has ever seen. Reason enough to challenge the status quo regarding colored surface coatings. Because sometime our current, already very good black components are no option due to optical reasons.

10 Years of research and development

After years of developing processes, eventually the innovative “High Performance Coating” (HPC) replaces our powder-coated COBRA® QUICK RELEASE BUCKLES and will additionally be the new finish of other articles.

The HPC was independently developed by AUSTRIALPIN and also the production is conducted 100% in-house. Only this way, all processes can be monitored, and a constant high quality can be ensured. Furthermore, the in-house production makes extremely short delivery distances possible, which does not only mean faster delivery times, but it also protects the environment.

The advantages of HPC: resilience, color fidelity and diversity

The “High Performance Coating” has many advantages: The thin, homogenous coating does not only provide for absolutely detailed embossments, but it is also especially resilient, abrasion- and heat-resistant.

Also, we guarantee an excellent color fidelity. Besides eight standard HPC colors, which we offer for our COBRA® QUICK RELEASE BUCKLES, if desired, nearly all colors can be chosen and glossy as well as matt surfaces can be produced*.

Advantages at a glance  
+ homogenous coating+ guaranteed color fidelity
+ especially resilient and abrasion-resistant+ matt or glossy finish
+ heat-resistant 

The first HPC products

The first componenst which were produced with HPC, were the D-rings of the D-RING COBRA® PRO STYLE 18 kN. In the course of this, the production processes were perfectly adapted for the production of the COBRA® PRO STYLE and other articles.

Currently available HPC colors

Currently, eight different HPC colors are produced. The minimum order quantity for COBRA® buckles with this finish is 500 pieces.

COBRA Buckle Colors

TAN 499

Powder coating is discontinued

The powder-coated COBRA® QUICK RELEASE BUCKLES will all be replaced by buckles with High Performance Coating. 

Remainders are still available. Other coatings such as KTL, Anodizing and Hard Coat as well as polished buckles will remain in the assortment.



*The minimum order quantity for special colors is 5000 pieces, however, it depends on the exact customer requests.


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