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Forget the noise of the world, trust your gut feeling and allow yourself the luxury of letting go. Our lucky winner Sylvia can now escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life - at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Pitztal. 
Many thanks for the numerous participation in the sweepstake!

But the journey of discovery in the beautiful Pitztal can continue for you:

Satisfy longings – the courage to discover new things – explore boundaries - whoever would like more of this can explore the mountain world in all its facets together with fellow sports enthusiasts: 


Just have a look at the homepage of HOTEL VIER JAHRESZEITEN in Pitztal (Tyrol) and get a perfect all-round package:

Programme items „Get Out and Explore" package

  • Ice climbing (including rental Ice Climbing Equipment from AUSTRIALPIN)
  • Day ski tour with descent directly to the hotel
  • Freeride day with lots of downhill and little ascent
  • Glacier day: bivouac building, crevasse rescue, avalanche awareness etc.
  • All programmes including mountain guide
Your Goodie - AUSTRIALPIN Ice Climbing Equipment can be rented at the Hotel

Get your K.ICE.R Icetool and SKY.STEEP Crampons and start into your iceclimbing adventure.

The hotel
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The gorge

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