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Spoil your loved ones on February 14th
Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, you want a great present, then we have something for you!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and because we could all need a little love and affection right now, we have some great gift ideas to make your loved ones happy on the day of love!



Chalk bag
For a bird on a chalk bag – and butterflies in the stomach! As you might know, we don’t only have a heart for humans, but also for animals! “What would be the Alps without its wall creeper” was the question we asked ourselves. And so we decided to adopt and sponsor the “flying alpine rose” in the Innsbruck Alpenzoo in 2020. When buying this chalk bag, parts of the proceeds benefit the protection of the fascinating wallcreeper. Win – Win!
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Slide Autolock carabiner
Safety and reliability are the be-all and end-all of a relationship – and this also applies for our carabiners! And when its handling works as smoothly and comfortably as with our HMS RONDO Slide Autolock, the fastest autolock carabiner in the world, then really nothing can go wrong anymore, right?
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Ice tool
For all the lovers who love to overcome steep obstacles together, we have something really nice: our K.ICE.R high-end tool for steep ice and mixed climbing! Thanks to its approved geometry as well as its adjustable pick, the K.ICE.R offers imperial precision and dynamic, which makes it the perfect companion for common adventures on rock and ice. What a heart-warming thought in this cold season!
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2-chamber autolock
Two chambers, one function, 100% performance. What works for our heart, also works for our FIFTY:FIFTY 2-chamber autolock carabiner! Its unique, patented lock consists of two identical chambers that open alternately with a sliding spring-loaded clip and lock automatically as soon as the clip is released. If you’re looking for a reliable belay carabiner for your loved ones, this carabiner will for sure make your heart leap for joy!
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Assistant ice tool
You want to make your loved ones feel like a real prince/princess on Valentine’s Day? No problem! How about our super flat and compact mini ice tools PRINZ or PRINZ.ESSIN with an additional polymer handle? Our two royals serve as an additional support for freeriders and ski-alpinists and can easily be stowed in the backpack. Well then – put on your crowns and let’s go!
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