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A journey of discovery

in the "Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten"

Forget about the rush and just let go? This can truly happen in the "Hotel 4 Jahreszeiten" at the far end of the Pitztal, a valley in Tyrol. But the "Hotel 4 Jahreszeiten"  does not just promise relaxation, it also offers plenty of winter activities like skiing, cross country skiing, tobogganing, and even ice climbing. Right, that is where we come into play.

The so called Taschachschlucht is located near the Hotel 4 Jahreszeiten and has always been a hotspot for ice climbers. Since Alfi Dvorak, a well-known mountain guide in this area, has established an ice climbing spot by constantly icing up the area, this sport is not only reserved for professionals but also accessible for beginners and medium advanced.

The clue is:

Together with the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten (Pitztal/Tyrol) we are raffling a stay of 2 nights for 2 persons 

including breakfast and spa.

Your Goodie

AUSTRIALPIN Ice Climbing Equipment can be rented at the Hotel

Get your AUSTRIALPIN stuff directly at the Hotel owned rental, catch up with your own mountain guide from Alpine Adventure and start your adventure. These tools are available for rental at the Hotel 4 Jahreszeiten:

K.ICE.R Ice Tool

This High-End Tool for steep ice and mixed climbing enables perfect precision and impact power.

SKY.STEEP variable 11-point Crampons

No matter if at your next glacier tour, in steep ice or when mixed or drytooling – the SKYSTEEP 11- or 12-point crampons with Step-In binding is your reliable and safe partner in every technically demanding terrain!

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