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The advantages of the HMS RONDO 3-way+ autolock now on video

The safety of our carabiners is an absolute matter of honor for us; that’s why also our HMS RONDO 3-way autolock meets all expectations regarding easy handling and tangible safety. However, also a 3-way twist-lock isn’t immune to manipulation by the rope or other objects. That’s why we went the extra mile for your safety and developed the HMS RONDO 3-way+ autolock!

The safety plus – SAFELOCK

The name of the SAFELOCK function of this carabiner speaks for itself: In the original position, this carabiner can be opened like a 3-way carabiner by lifting, turning and pushing the lock. SAFELOCK offers an addition locking possibility which makes another step necessary to bring the carabiner back to its closed original position. A plus – for even more safety in every situation!

In our new video, we compare the 3-way autolock and the 3-way+ autolock and show you, how the HMS RONDO 3-way+ autolock with SAFELOCK works.

Watch the video!

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