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AUSTRIALPIN Liquid Chalk with a disinfectant affect.

Yeah, we know, we know, you all don’t want to hear it any longer: Corona here, Corona there – it seems to be everywhere and there is no other topic to read or talk about. And you know what? We feel you! However, special situations also require special measures – and we will also have a say in this matter! We have a nice, useful tip for your climbing fun in times of a pandemic without any losses or restrictions: the AUSTRIALPIN liquid chalk!

Basically, liquid chalk offers a lot of advantages compared to loose chalk: It is very yielding, allows for a perfect and long-lasting grip and reduces fine dust pollution in climbing and boulder gyms.

Moreover, the AUSTRIALPIN CHALKER liquid chalk convinces with another big advantage: With an ethanol ratio of at least 70%, it has a disinfecting effect. This way, you can protect yourself as well as others from the spreading of the virus and still fully enjoy your passion. 

Well then, what are you waiting for? Chalking and disinfecting on rock or in the climbing gym and at the same time defying Corona! However, social distancing rules need to be followed also with liquid chalk. ;)



CHALKER Liquid Chalk, 100 ml
Liquid chalk, dries very quickly and keeps your hands dry for longer. Since Liquid Chalk is very economical and, once opened, dries out after a certain time, the small bottle makes the most sense for most climbers. Retail price: € 6,90
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