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May we present: Our (GOLD) FISH amplified braking device sets

No idea what to put under the Christmas tree for you or your beloved ones? Still looking for a meaningful present? Then attention all fish lovers, we might have the right thing for you here!

The FISH amplified braking device – for a safe Christmas

Our renowned FISH and GOLD FISH don't only look very cool, they are also the perfect companions for all climbers who appreciate additional safety, simple and comfortable handling as well as highest quality made in Austria. Together with our HMS RONDO they are an unbeatable team for all your future adventures on rock and in the climbing gym.

What's new?
The FISH and GOLD FISH are now also available with our new HMS RONDO Slide Autolock - the fastest autolock carabiner in the world. It is especially easy to use and offers important safety features. 

Check out all features of the FISH and the difference between our 3 sets in our new video! If you like it, we are happy about your thumbs up! Of course, you can also subscribe to our Youtube channel.

Watch the video!

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