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Who brakes wins?!
The "FERRATA.BLOC" - for more safety and fun on via ferratas

Via ferrata walking has enjoyed great popularity for some time, because for many it is a welcome change from everyday life: the experience of being in nature/on the rock, feeling a bit of a thrill and getting the muscles burning - all this combined with the safety offered by step clamps and fixed ropes has probably made via ferrata walking so popular.

The fact that there is often a fine line between a challenge and overestimating one's own strength can be seen in the mountain rescue missions that often retrieve exhausted climbers from via ferratas. After all, many people simply run out of juice on long, steep tours. The risk of a fall is then very high and falls in via ferrata can have fatal consequences!

So that you can enjoy via ferrata even more and prevent exhaustion and thus also falls, we have developed the FERRATA.BLOC. In vertical passages, the via ferrata additional brake makes it possible to take a break at any point. In addition, in the event of a fall, it blocks in place, preventing the risk of serious injury. 

Our new team member Davis has summarized for you the advantages and main points on the use of the Ferrata.Bloc in a video. If you like it, give Davis a thumbs up - I'm sure he's very happy about it. After all, it was his first video ;-)


Take me to the FERRATA.BLOC video

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