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Climbing vacation far from the crowds?

Win a climbing and travel guide for Bosnia and Herzegovina

In 2015, the "Drill & Chill Climbing Festival" was established to bring climbers from all over the world to Bosnia Herzegovina and access new routes. Back then this region was widely unknown to climbers. And to be honest to us as well. Nevertheless we supported this initiative with bolting material from AUSTRIALPIN in order to develop new climbing areas.

In 2018, the first modern climbing and travel guide for Bosnia and Herzegovina was published. Together with "Balkancolours" we invite you to participate in the competition.

Why Bosnia?

In the wild canyons of the Balkans

The climbing potential in the heart of the Dinaric Limestone Alps and the extremely hospitable small climbing scene are slowly getting around! 

If you're planning your next trip, give Bosnia a chance this year! The small country is as far away as Croatia, the rock is excellent and unspoiled, varied with many easy and intermediate routes, well secured and still offers a lot of potential for hardmovers and adventurous climbers. In addition, a relaxing, nature-oriented vacation can be experienced here at extremely low cost, in which there is an exciting country and people to discover in addition to climbing.

70% of the 1,700 routes have been set up in the last 5 years with the latest equipment and are friendly secured.

The growing climbing tourism is a positive and sustainable success story for the development of the rural region. In cooperation with "Balkancolours" we raffle 5 pieces of the climbing and travel guide for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Climbing guidebook short info 
The first modern climbing and travel guide for Bosnia and Herzegovina was published in 2018:
 "Sport climbing guide for Bosnia and Herzegovina" by David Lemmerer and Igor Vukić. 

  • 480 pages, English and Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian. 
  • 4 regions, 32 areas (sport, multi-pitch), 2 bouldering areas with about 1000 pitches
  • Photo topos and hand-drawn maps with points of interest for each climbing area (sleeping, eating, partying, sightseeing)
  • 25 pages with all relevant travel info, many insider tips and local knowledge 
  • Climbing culture: 8 interviews with climbers, history, climbing festivals, halls, etc.
  • 5 pages phrasebook

The first climbing magazine (for free) for Bosnia and topo updates can be found on Balkan Colours and on

Why Bosnia?

"Climbing is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind about Bosnia. But anyone who has driven through Bosnia knows how mountainous this country is and what the largest karst area (limestone!) in Europe, means for climbers."

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