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Climbing vacation far from the crowds?
Win a climbing and travel guide for Bosnia and Herzegovina

In 2015, the "Drill & Chill Climbing Festival" was established to bring climbers from all over the world to Bosnia Herzegovina and access new routes. Back then this region was widely unknown to climbers. And to be honest to us as well. Nevertheless we supported this initiative with bolting material from AUSTRIALPIN in order to develop new climbing areas. In 2018, the first modern climbing and travel guide for Bosnia and Herzegovina was published. Together with Balkancolours we invite you to participate in the competition.

Why Bosnia?

It is slowly getting around: The climbing potential in the heart of the Dinaric Limestone Alps is big and the small climbing scene is extremely hospitable. These are only two of many good reasons to spend your next climbing trip far from the crowds in Bosnia Herzegovina.


The growing climbing tourism is a positive and sustainable success story for the development of the rural region. In cooperation with Balkancolours we raffle 5 pieces of the climbing and travel guide for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To the sweepstake this way!

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