Wednesday, 05.10.2016

Vitto Messini climbing Eternal Flame on famous Trango Towers

A story in pictures

Thursday, 28.07.2016

COBRA® Belts

Technology meets Fashion

Already held 18 kN? Helped resupply a space station? Broken world records in the stratosphere? No stranger to the spotlight in Hollywood? The COBRA® Quick Release, the world’s strongest and safest buckle, takes on important roles in places you wouldn’t expect. This little piece of aluminium, proudly developed, designed, and manufactured in Tirol, is now available as a fashion accessory on a high-end leather belt. Learn more about the AustriAlpin COBRA® and its wide range of use:
Wednesday, 13.07.2016

Iran: Climbing and Culture

Impressions of an alienated World by Martina „Matze“ Harnisch

Iran is often connected with issues like sanctions, limited freedom of the press and speech, surpression of women, headscarfs and even nuclear weapons. Not many people know that Iran is also a country with a fascinating culture, a stunning landscape and that the locals have an overwhelming hospitality. Whoever travels to Iran as a tourist encounters true openness and cordiality. But growing tourism is not the only reason why the Islamic country between the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea is an interesting place. More and more climbers are travelling to Iran because of its impressive rock quality and the diversity of the climbs.
Friday, 22.04.2016

Industrial climbing

Know How

Did you ever wonder of how Industrial climbing works? How to reach severely exposed working places like windmills, pillars, or towers at all? How fall protection is assembled and therefore allows effective working in heights?

Wednesday, 27.01.2016

FISH Autotuber

As fluid as a fish in water


As fluid as a fish in water; that’s how a climber should feel while on the wall. With the new AustriAlpin FISH Autotuber on the line, you will be one step closer in this direction. And this FISH is your friend out of the water, when reaching into the vertical world.

Weighing in at an unrivaled 68g the FISH ...
Tuesday, 29.03.2016

AustriAlpin 1996. 2016.

Tradition meets Innovation

Established in Austria in 1996, AustriAlpin specializes in Mountain Sports, Air Sports, and Tactical&Safety. Combining the technical expertise of its workers, and the invaluable experience of its athletes and work-safety experts, AustriAlpin is continuously developing its products with the goal of utmost safety and quality without sacrificing usability.

This year AustriAlpin is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Looking back proudly to 20 exciting years of hardware manufacturing, we are reissuing some of our most successful products.
Let us celebrate 20 colorful years in the name of gravity!

Friday, 19.02.2016

Courtesy Safety Notice

AustriAlpin COBRA® buckles

Dear valued clients,
it has come to our attention that in an extremely small quantity (0.00005% = 1 out of 2 million) of COBRA® buckles there may exist parts where the rivets have not been press fixed.

This results in the rivets being loose and the release clips detach. COBRA®buckles in all dierent versions and sizes can be affected. As we are dedicated to 100% function, performance, quality and safety of our products, we ask all our clients and end users of COBRA®buckles to do a visual check:

Friday, 13.11.2015

The new

Get ready for the ice climbing season


AustriAlpin proudly presents the new !

The new geometry of the pick gives this ice axe
a new edge and makes it the perfect partner for your ice climbing projects this winter.

Read more about it...
Wednesday, 14.10.2015

Cathy back home in Canada

...home sweet home...

A beautiful landscape and lots of memories....

Cathy tells us about her last climbing holiday in Canada.
Monday, 01.06.2015

Helm.ut - Give Away

Your Head - Your Helmet !


                      Give-Away!! - HELM.UT - YOUR HEAD, YOUR HELMET!
Thursday, 18.12.2014

Here it is - The brand-new Tropos!

Brand-new and ready to go!

Time has come! The new Tropos is ready to go!

Here you can see our new Tropos...

Friday, 29.03.2013

the "alpine proofed" collection

austrialpin tshirts now available

boys shirts available in colors blue and green and sizes: small, medium, large and Xlarge
girls shirts available in green and sizes: small, medium and large
Thursday, 28.02.2013

Via Ferrata „Rope Friction- Issue“ 2013

AustriAlpin Arrangements

To make sure that all sets with rope-friction technology  are withdrawn from circulation, AustriAlpin offers two possibilites for replacement.
As a customer you can choose wether you want to change the set via AustriAlpin directly or via your preferred dealer.

Thursday, 01.11.2012

Gleistein Ropes RECALLS

safety deficiencies in triple-safety loop detected

ATTENTION: precautionary recall
Gleistein Ropes is recalling the Triple Safety Loop consisting of 3 dyneema loops of different colors (article nr. ZS00S) from the market.The item recently passed all certification tests. In one instance for an as yet unknown reason, the securing splice opened unexpectedly during use and fortunately did not result in personal injury. as well published on the website of the ÖBRD Tirol

please stop using the triple safety loop immediately!
please send your “Triple Safety Loop” self-belay sling along with the inspection card and details of your return address to:

Geo. Gleistein & Sohn GmbH
Keyword: "Triple Safety Loop"
Heidlerchenstrasse 7
28777 Bremen

Gleistein ropes is going to subject each returned sling a safety inspection and will return it to the customers as soon as possible.


Monday, 25.02.2013

important information concerning via ferrata sets using „rope friction technology" 2013

an overview

Due to a weakening of the rope material caused by aging all AustriAlpin Via Ferrata Sets using rope-friction technology as absorbing system (brake made of metal) MUST NOT be used any further.
Production of the affected sets already stopped in 2006 respectively 2007.

AustriAlpin is constantly refining their products and has been using textile shock absorbers in all their via ferrata sets ever since.

AustriAlpin is willing to cooperate with users. for further information on procedures follow the link to "arrangements".
Do not hesitate to contact us for any question via e-mail or on the phone +43 5225 65248.

Tuesday, 21.08.2012


Austrialpin is recalling Via Ferrata Sets COLT and HYDRA (article nr. AS90C and AS93C) as a precautionary measure from the market.

In the course of endurance testing we found out that, in certain cases and after increased use,  the elasticated webbing of the stretch arms may no longer meet the relevant safety standards.

If you own a Colt or Hydra Set as detailed above we ask you to
•    immediately stop using it
•    and send it back to AustriAlpin directly please

further procedures: We will subject each returned Via Ferrata Set a safety inspection, replace the webbing branches and return the set to you as soon as possible.

Information required: To be able to ensure a trouble-free procedure please write your address, e-mail and telephone number on the shipment.

Postage costs will be reimbursed. You have two possibilities to choose from:
1.    you provide us with your account information and the amount of postage costs
2.    once we are returning the sets you get an austrialpin hms karabiner for free

For questions regarding the recall, do not hesitate to give us a call: +43 5225 65248 or write an e-mail to:
The safety of our customers is of prime importance. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience of this precautionary measure and are kindly asking for your understanding.

The previous generation of Via Ferrata sets and the Ferrata.Bloc are not concerned by this recall: